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Inquiries:-The best way to inquire quotation is to send email on yarrowchemproducts@gmail.com we will respond
your inquiry ASAP.  We Only provide quotation to pharmacy academic institutions and research scholars for scientific
laboratory research purposes. Quote may be only offered to the end users through email, will not be provided
through phone. Inquiries without enough detail contact information will be ignored.
Acceptances: – Our products are tailor-made and supplied as per requirements, however the total order should be
of minimum Rupees 5000/- If requested, order acceptance / final pricing will be provided by email from our headquarters
in Mumbai. All items are subject to availability and government regulations.
Price: – Recommended price. The prices quoted here are exclusive of GST and GST will be charged 18% extra or as
applicable as per the items category published by Govt. of India. All prices quoted are applicable subject to reconfirmation
at the time of placing the order.
Delivery Free: – Delivery will be completely FREE for all the purchases above Rupees 15000/-. Goods will be
dispatch within 5 working days after receiving confirmed order, by Pre-Paid Registered Post Parcel / Speed Post /
Courier on door delivery basis.
Product Usage: – All products and services offered are for LABORATORY AND RESEARCH activities exclusively.
By placing orders with this company it us understood by the buyer that under no circumstances should be used
any of these chemicals / materials in an inappropriate manner. No products here are to be used as Drugs, Medicine,
Food, additives, Human consumption or Household Chemicals.
Product Purity:- Each API’s compound from Yarrow is warranted to meet the purity contain is over 98% by HPLC.
We commit to full transparency and provide on request Certificate of Analysis (COA) from highly equipped based
analytical laboratory. We never sell compounds that do not meet purity specification
Specifications:- The contents of the specifications are subject to change without advance notice. The specification
values displayed here are the most up to date values. There may be cases where the product labels display a
different specification, however, the product quality still meets the latest specification.